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The Town Board is the governing, legislative, and policy making body of the Town. The Board is comprised of four Council members, who are elected for a four year term, and the Supervisor who is elected for a two year term.


The Town Supervisor is an elected legislative position. The Supervisor is part of the Town Board with the additional role of presiding over town board meetings.


The Town Board is the branch of government that appropriates funds for governmental functions and services. The Town Board controls Town finances, the Town budget, and salaries. With the exception of elected officials, the Town Board also hires Town employees as well as appoints members of boards serving the Town such as the Planning Board, Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Conservation Advisory Council.


The Danby Town Board meets twice a month on the 1st and 2nd Monday a public meeting to discuss and make decisions on pending Town business such as scheduling public hearings to consider legislation, awarding bids for equipment and materials, approving all expenditures, developing Town policies and much more. 


The Town Board usually meets twice a month, on the 1st and 2nd Monday of the month, at 7pm in the Danby Town Hall. 


Danby residents who would like a subject to be added to the agenda should contact the Town Supervisor or the Town Clerk at least five days before the meeting. However, almost all meetings include an item for Privilege of the Floor near the beginning of the agenda. Anyone may speak on any topic during this period; advance notice is usually not required, but there may be a time limit.

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Town of Danby Laserfiche Archives
feature an extensive list of Agendas, Minutes and other official town documents for the Town Board, Planning Board, Board of Zoning Appeals, et cetera. The archives also contain all pertinent Local Laws including but not limited to Tax Exemption and Planned Development Zone laws.
2020 Meeting Agendas
Including supplemental documents