Town of

Town Board Meeting, 1st Monday, 7pm

Mon, Mar 02, 2020
7:00 PM

Town of Danby

Town Board Agenda

Regular Meeting 

Monday, March 2, 2020, 7:00pm 

Additions or deletions to the Agenda 

Privilege of the Floor 

Approval of the Minutes-January 6 and 13, February 3 and 10 

Justices’ Report 

Planner Report 

Code Report 

Action Items 

• Propose changing Regular Meeting to 1st and 3rd Mondays 

• Authorize Codification of Town Laws 

• Deadlines for Brown Road; Appoint Ulinski as point person 

• South Hill Rec Way Extension County Tourism Grant (March 17 Deadline) 

• Warrants 

Discussion Items 

• Town Appointment Policy (Connors) 

• Update on changing website domain name to .gov (Schnabel) 

• Beardsley Lane (Ulinski) 

• Long term budget priorities (Ulinski) 

• Heat sealer upgrade (Ulinski) 

• Interim changes as part of planning project 

• Proposed Local Law: Local Law #2 of 2020: A local Law to supersede the Whitehall Doctrine of Incompatibility (Schnabel) 

• Proposed Rules of Procedure for Town Board Meetings (Schnabel) 

• Update on Danby's status regarding the New York Power Authority (NYPA)/NYSERDA (Clean Energy Communities; through CCE) program for municipalities to purchase NYSEG-owned street lights and convert to LED. (Holahan/Haremza) 

• Town Email Policy 

• Future Agenda Items 

Town Clerk’s Report 

The public has a right to attend and observe all public meetings. This right does not include the right to comment, except at public hearings. It is, however, the policy of the Town Board to allow for participation by the public at all Town Board meetings, primarily during time set aside for it, called privilege of the floor. Each speaker may be limited to 3 minutes. Comments may be allowed at other times during the meeting, but only if a person wishing to speak is recognized by the chair