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The Code Enforcement Office


The Danby Code Enforcement Office is responsible for the enforcement of local and some statewide ordinances and regulations. This generally includes:

  • Zoning and Subdivision Regulations
  • Building Permits
  • Fire Inspections
  • Stormwater Management


In addition, our office is responsible for assigning address numbers. Address signs that meet code requirements can be ordered from your local fire departments, and the forms can be downloaded here: West Danby or Danby

Building Permit Applications

Most construction work within the town requires a Building Permit, including: 

  • New construction
  • Additions and renovations
  • Swimming pools
  • Solid-fuel-burning appliances
  • Solar PV and hot water installations
  • Pre-fabricated sheds of greater than 144 s.f. of gross floor area
  • Manufactured homes
  • Pole barns, garages, sheds, decks, porches
  • Demolition of buildings

There are some projects that don’t need a permit. These are: 

  • Small accessory structures associated with a single- or two-family dwellings or townhouses which are used for tool and storage sheds, playhouses or similar uses, provided the gross floor area is less than 144 s.f.
  • Swings or playground equipment;
  • Above-ground swimming pools less than 24” in depth;
  • Fences that aren’t part of an enclosure surrounding a swimming pool;
  • Retaining walls;
  • Temporary stage sets;
  • Window awnings;
  • Partitions or movable cases less than 69” in height;
  • Finish work, such as wallpapering, painting, tile-setting, carpeting or other similar work.


Building permit forms may be downloaded here:


 Code and Zoning Office Monthly Reports

Monthly reports summarizing building activity and other work done by the Code and Zoning Office are available to the public. To access recent reports, see the Documents section on this page, below.  



Zoning Appeals

The Town of Danby has implemented a Zoning Ordinance that includes:

  • Land Use Regulations
  • Dimensional Requirements


When a proposed project does not comply with the Zoning Ordinance, an appeal may be filed with Danby's Board of Zoning Appeals (the BZA, a.k.a. Zoning Board of Appeals, ZBA). Appeals may request:

  • a Use Variance—when the intended use of a property does not conform to the uses permitted in a particular zone
  • an Area Variance—when the size or location of a project does not conform to the dimensional requirements specified for the zone


Paper copies of these forms, and others, are available in the Code Enforcement Office. The BZA Area Variance Appeal form, including instructions and guidance, may also be downloaded.


Local Laws and Regulations related to Code Enforcement and Zoning

  • Town of Danby Zoning Ordinance
  • Stormwater Regulations and Law 
  • Local Law 1 of 2007: Administration and Enforcement of the NYS Uniform Code
  • Comprehensive Plan Summary 
  • Responsibilities:



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    Town of Danby Laserfiche Archives
    Minutes, agendas and other official Town of Danby documents can be found here 
    Standard application form for building permits. 
    Building Permits Fees
    Building Permit Instructions
    Affidavit of Exemption to Show Specific Proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage for a 1, 2, 3 or 4-family owner-occupied residence.
    Notice of Ground Disturbance Form
    Danby Zoning Map (PDF - 265.9 KB)
    BZA Area Variance Appeal Form
    In order to preserve vulnerable unconsolidated aquifer recharge areas and wellhead protection areas for community water systems, this action is the enactment of a local law amending the Town of Danby Zoning Ordinance to include an Aquifer High Vulnerability (AHV) Overlay Zone in the Zoning Ordinance, which overlays approximately 4.9 percent (1633 acres) of the land area of the Town of Danby.
    Unsafe Buildings Law (PDF - 284.3 KB)

    Unsafe buildings pose a threat to life and property in the Town of Danby. Buildings and structures may become unsafe by reason of damage by fire, the elements, age or general deterioration. It is the purpose of these Local Laws to provide for the safety, health protection and general welfare of persons and property to the Town by requiring that such unsafe buildings be repaired or demolished and removed and recovery of the costs from the property owner(s).