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The West Danby Water District meeting of April 1, 2020 has been cancelled in an effort to minimize coronavirus spread.  The next meeting has not yet been scheduled.  



UPDATE - March 3, 2019


Due to unexpected scheduling conflicts, the West Danby Water District meeting scheduled for Wednesday, April 3, 5 pm in the West Danby Fire Station conference room will be moved to Tuesday April 2, 5 pm at the same location.


Sorry for any inconvenience.  


UPDATE - February 1, 2016


Due to unexpected scheduling conflicts, the West Danby Water District interim meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 17, 7 pm in the West Danby Fire Station will have to be postponed until Wed Feb 24th, 7pm in the WD fire station.

Sorry for the inconvenience but we would not have had a quorum if we kept it.


-Tod Sukontarak


UPDATE - January 22, 2015

The West Danby Water District pump is now running again. Our new water storage tank had the capacity to supply the water consumption needs of our District for the 74 hours down time it took to remove the old pump and its parts and replace it with a new temporary one. Moody and Associates of Meadville, PA did the work starting on January 19 and finishing on January 22. The old parts removed from our well are now in Meadville where they will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected prior to giving us an estimate for the cost of returning them to working order.  The pump purchased and installed temporarily is now operating at about 80% of the flow of our previous pump. This flow rate may be adequate long-term for the District's consumption so the Commissioners have some research to do and decisions to make in regard to our permanent pumping solution. Those decisions will be based largely on what Moody quotes us on the replacement of the old pump.  I will keep you posted here and in the Danby Area News.


Thank you,
Tod Sukontarak

UPDATE - January 19, 2015


Extreme cold forced us to postpone the two previous weeks but on Monday January 19th Moody & Associates will be begin the work of repairing the leaking seal on the District's water pump. The pump will be down for a minimum of three days. This means that our water will be supplied strictly from what we have stored in the new tank.  We had a scare on Friday the 16th after having a line leak that caused consumption to rise above a three-day storage capacity.  That leak is now fixed and I am hoping that there won't be others during the pump down time. The repairs will be funded through the Infrastructure Grant as they allowed us to extend its closing date for a few weeks. 

Thank you,
Tod Sukontarak

UPDATE - December 15, 2014


Having bids from two companies to repair our leaking pump seal, we will be contracting Moody and Associates from Meadville, Pa to do the repairs.  They are scheduled to begin work on January 5th, 2015.  There are two constraints they have agreed to work around; one is our need to not exceed a four day pump down time to account for our water storage's supply capabilities, and the second is to have completed the project by January 16th in order to allow for the grant to fund the project.  Working through Project Manager Matt Cooper in the Code Enforcement Office, we were able to secure a one month extension on our grant deadline to fund this important emergency repair. Thanks Matt.

We have had an eventful 2014 with the completion of the majority of our water infrastructure project and I still feel a real sense of gratitude and pride whenever I think of all the people that put in so much time and effort to make it happen. There is one person though that I think deserves special recognition as, if it were not for the work of his individual initiative, the project would have been much more expensive and time consuming.  That is Carl Seamon for the time and effort he put into coordinating/making a passable road up to the tank site.  Thank you Carl, we were fortunate to have you and your unique skills at such a critical time.


On behalf of the West Danby Water District, I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season.

Thank you,
Tod Sukontarak



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