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 Danby Community Council 

Danby Community Council

DCC Purpose (from the DCC Bylaws)

The purposes and objectives of the Council are:

1) To promote and support the community welfare.

2) To provide educational, social, and recreational programs and facilities, the publication of community news, and other activities for the community under the supervision and oversight of the Directors of the Council.

3) To assist, when requested, with related activities in the community.

4) To coordinate requests for supporting funds from State, County, and service agencies with the Danby Town Board.


DCC Meeting Time

The Danby Community Council meets monthly on the first Thursday of the month at 7 pm at the Town Hall. Check the Calendar:



DCC Board of Directors

Susan Franklin, President, - term ends 2020


H. Katharine Hunter, Vice President, - term ends 2020  


William Evans, Treasurer, - term ends 2020


Ted Crane, Secretary, - term ends 2021  


Julie Clougherty, - term ends 2021 

Cathy Darrow - term ends 2020  

Pamela Goddard  - term ends 2021