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Natural Resources Inventory Maps, available for review

October 30, 2018
The Town of Danby Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) is pleased to present the draft maps from the Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) on Tuesday, November 13th at 6 pm. This presentation, and the following meeting will take place at the Danby Gathery. The "Open House" will provide a baseline of information for helping town officials, residents, and developers make informed and environmentally sound land use decisions. CAC members and the Town Planner will be available to answer questions about the maps and the forthcoming Natural Resources Inventory report.
Please note that the Danby Conservation Advisory Council meetings now take place on the Second Tuesday of each month, normally at the Danby Town Hall, starting at 7pm. 

A Natural Resource Inventory is a document that compiles data on the naturally occurring resources of an area such as forests, wetlands, surface water and groundwater, and farmland. The NRI can help form a basis for municipal planning in the preparation of plans, review of proposed development plans, and completion of environmental assessment forms. It also serves as an informational document for those looking to learn more about the natural environment of Danby as it clarifies information such as the location of prime agricultural soils and where the Town’s steepest slopes are. Over the last 18 months, the Danby Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) has collected and compiled physical and digital data to create a series of two dozen maps that show the Town’s hydrological, land, and ecological resources along with a landscape and habitat connectivity analysis.

 The CAC is responsible for developing and maintaining an NRI under Town Board resolution No. 82 of 2010 as well as NYS General Municipal Law §239-x. In municipalities throughout New York, Conservation Advisory Councils (CACs) and Conservation Boards (CBs) advise local legislative bodies, planning boards, and boards of zoning appeals on matters related to the environment. The CAC provides a scientific perspective on land use planning and decision-making, contributing to the improvement of the local environment and quality of life for residents.

The draft NRI maps are available to view online at!Asg0tdEWWRufgexzNQUMGkVKv7hHVw and in person on Tuesday, November 13th at 6 pm at Town Hall. Following the presentation of the NRI maps, the Conservation Advisory Council is hosting a talk by Bob Beck, Chair, Rail Trail Task Force in the Town of Dryden, New York; Member and past chair of the Dryden Conservation Board; and Author of the book Journey at Malloryville Bog.

Please contact Town Planner C.J. Randall (607-277-2400 and or CAC Chairperson Matt Ulinski ( with questions about the CAC or the Natural Resources Inventory.