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Supervisor's Update

March 19, 2020

A brief update from Town Supervisor, Joel Gagnon.



Unprecedented. That one word pretty much describes our current situation, does it not? 

On Monday, March 16, we closed the town offices, hitting the “pause” button while we reposition ourselves to operate in a novel framework where personal interaction needs to be at arm’s length (or greater!). How do we provide the services that you expect from your government safely? Some things are already clear. 

Most, if not all, town meetings will be held by video or audio conference. You will soon be able to attend by following links in the calendar of events on the town’s website ( 

The town court is shut down for some time, with important matters centralized in a single court in Ithaca. 

Most, if not all, services provided by the Town are still available by mail, and all of our staff are working from home.  Please visit the website to find the email addresses of folks you may need to coordinate with and stay tuned as we streamline how to conduct business with the Town remotely.

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